Travelstory of Family Boer

Dear  Arthur,

Sorry for the late response, but first we had to “land” and after that life started again.
Regarding our travel consultant, Yara, nothing but praise. Rarely experienced someone who can listen, advise and communicate so well. Also with our problems (camper breakdown) she helped well (listening ear, call next campsite)
Regarding our trip. In general it was a lot of kilometers, we knew that beforehand, but it resulted in that we didn’t see all the things along the way. You also have to do your shopping, sometimes ask for directions etc.
And you can’t always drive fast with a camper, certainly not on gravel / access roads to the resorts.
As for the locations – Swellendam – Kam Bati – Beautiful place on the river. Great campsite, beautiful environment. Rating: 8 – Wilderness – Ebb and Flow. Slightly less than the last. Rating: 7- Storms River – Chitjikamma – This was sooo great. Camping place at the surf.

Suspension bridge. Nice restaurant on top spot on rocks by the surf. Rating: 10- Addo – Fantastic too. Good spacious places at the campsite. Fantastic park. Night view cave for wildlife spotting. Figure:9
– Craddock – Mountain Zebra –

Very long access road from gravel from the gate to the campsite. Drama for a camper. Takes a half hour single journey. They understood that I would do something about it.
Also not seen many animals. Camping was a bit run down. Grade: 6

Bloemfontein – Maselspoort. Ideal: every place has its own kitchen and toilet. Restaurant was great too. Good transit place. Rating: 7

Golden Gate – Rightly a place to stay 2 nights. Walks are great. Great restaurant. Basoto villageerg leuk. rating: 9

– Dundee – Battlefields Country Lodge – As far as we are concerned, a low point. Very uninterested staff. They also referred to each other: “I will have someone come to open the kitchen for you”. So that we could do the dishes. “Can we light the fireplace?” “I’ll have someone come to light the fireplace for you.” That kind of work. The monument with the copper covered wagons was also hard to find and at the end of a gravel road. We didn’t do that. Rating: 4

– Swaziland. The roads there are a disaster. Holes in the way. Thresholds across the full width of the road with warning signs on only one direction.But Millwane Wildlife Sanctuary is a top location. Mountain biking along zebras and crocodiles. Delicious eaten there too. Rating: 8

– Kruger – Skukuza. Well, that needs no explanation. Such a great place. Here we have seen the big five. They could have helped a little more with camper problems. But those are exceptions. Rating: 9

– Sabie – They had a house on the stream for us. We had to leave our camper. Restaurant was also ok. Seen some things there (Mac Mac falls, God’s window, Pilgrims Rest). Rating: 7