Travelstory of Family Vroonland

We are back home after a great, adventurous journey through Namibia.

Allereerst dank aan de Zuid-Afrika Specialist. Mede dankzij hun, is onze reis onvergetelijk geworden. Zij hebben ons, tijdens de voorbereidingen, steeds te woord gestaan (via mail).

We have landed in Windhoek, picked up our bush camper and started the journey:

The highlight was Etosha. We went in through the South-West gate and didn’t regret it! This corner of the park has the most drinking places at this time of the year and therefore the most animals! This cannot be expressed in words …. how incredibly beautiful!

Staying overnight in the park was not possible, everything was packed, so if you plan to go long in advance! And keep in mind during your trip that there are only a few car parks …


Read from too much about Namibia, the tribes, the languages, the different cultures.

It can be cold in Namibia in the winter, this happened to us and we were really cold because we didn’t have the right clothes with us! In Aus it even froze.
Do you rent a bush camper: in the camper no water and no cooking facilities (but water tank outside and gas burner outside) ps: ASCO rental is super!

The wind is strong in Namibia, maybe nice to know?

We have not been bothered by aggression / theft in the big cities, we heard wild stories about this, but we have not noticed this. In the car parks at the supermarkets there are parking guards that will fit on your car for a few dollars. And of course applies everywhere in the world: take care of your belongings.

And: there are really wild animals in this country, don’t be overconfident, they are the boss, treat them with respect, it is their environment.


Namibia is indescribable actually …, endless, immeasurable, quiet, beautiful, surprising …