Kamanjab is a village in the Kunene region in the north-east of Namibia and has a little more than 6000 inhabitants. It is located at a crossroads of roads to different parts of Namibia and for that reason is often quickly visited by tourists to refuel gas and visit a supermarket.

From here you can drive to the south side of Etosha National Park or west to the rugged Skeleton Coast. Keep in mind that these are not always well maintained roads and in terms of time you can often just drive via Outjo to Etosha. There are a number of private game reserves between Etosha and Kamanjab, most of which offer Big Five safaris. There are also a number of ‘conservation farms’ in the area such as Otjitotongwe Cheetah Farm where both tame and wild cheetahs live on the 7,000 hectare piece of land. You can also spend the night here in one of the bungalows, camp and use the swimming pool, restaurant, bar and hiking trails. You will find Otjitotongwe 24 kilometers east of Kamanjab.

In the vicinity of Kamanjab are a number of Himba villages that you can visit to learn more about the culture and customs of this special people. Most accommodations offer excursions to the Himbas.

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