Midlands Meander

In the heart of Kwazulu Natal you will find the Midlands Meander in a beautiful landscape of rolling hills where people live at a leisurely pace. This area is known for the many artists who live and work here and open their studios to visitors. The idea originated in 1985 with only a few participating artists / craftsmen. Today there are more than 150 studios, shops, small restaurants and other attractions that are part of the Midlands Meander. Take a look at the potters, weavers, painters, sculptors, candle makers and many other craftsmen. Looking for a unique handmade item or artwork? You will certainly succeed here!
The Midlands Meander is worth a visit for both young and old. You will find a lot of nice restaurants here, but also a cheese factory and chocolate shop (where you can eat a delicious chocolate fondue, also nice for children). In a number of places children can also make a piece of art themselves, for example a handmade candle or soap. There are a lot of nice picnic areas in the area.

There are also plenty of options for those who want to do something active: cycling, walking, horse riding or water sports at the Midmar Dam nature reserve, for example. It is also a good base for visiting the Drakensberg and the Battlefield Route. When you drive the N3 between Johannesburg and Durban you will pass the Midlands Meander, do yourself a favor and spend a day (or more) here! It takes about 4.5 hours from Johannesburg and 1.5 hours from Durban. Viewed from the north, the Midlands Meander starts at Mooirivier and extends to Howick and beyond the Midmar Dam.

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