Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is located in the heart of the Kleine Karoo in the Western Cape province, about 3 hours’ drive east of Cape Town (near Swellendam). This relatively dry area was once inhabited by the San Bushmen who lived there from hunting and everything they collected in nature. Experience the tranquility of this beautiful piece of nature in luxury accommodations. During game drives in the reserve you can see the following animals, among others: lions,Elephants, buffaloes, cheetahs, leopards, rhino’s, crocodiles, giraffes, zebra’s, jackals, springboks, moose, wildebeest, ostriches and kudu.

You can choose from 3 different lodges, all 5-star. Gondwana Lodge is suitable for children (1 child per suite), with all other lodges the suites are only for 2 adults (from 12 years old people are considered ‘adults’). At the Relaxation Retreat you can choose from a variety of facials, massages etc (prices for treatments exclusive). The meals are served indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather.

Dwyka Tented Lodge
Dwyka Tented Lodge is beautifully situated between rock formations on a piece of land where the Khoisan hunters lived for a long time. There are 9 luxury tents each suitable for 2 people, there is a Relaxation Retreat,

communal lounge with fireplace and TV, a wine cellar, souvenir shop, wi-fi internet and an outdoor boma where meals are served. The tents are equipped with a cooling-heating system, en-suite bathroom and an outdoor shower, terrace with a small swimming pool for cooling on hot days, mini-bar, tea and coffee facilities and a safe.

Gondwana Lodge
Gondwana Lodge has 12 spacious and luxurious suites with beautiful views of the Bellair Dam and the fields with the Anysbergen in the background. This lodge is ideal for children (of all ages) as they can participate in the ‘Kids on Safari’ program, the suites are suitable for 2 adults and 1 child. At the lodge are a swimming pool, children’s playroom, outdoor children’s playground, lounge with TV and fireplace, Relaxation Retreat with 2 therapy rooms, wi-fi internet and a souvenir shop. The suites are equipped with an en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, mini-bar, tea and coffee making facilities, deck or balcony and a safe.

Tilney Manor

Tilney Manor is surrounded by gardens full of native plants, from your suite you have a view over the fields and mountains. The lodge has a swimming pool, Relaxation Retreat with 2 therapy rooms, steam bath and sauna, communal lounge with fireplace and TV and wi-fi internet. The suites are equipped with an en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, TV with DVD player, tea and coffee making facilities, outdoor showers, minibar, fireplace, veranda and safe.

Sanbona Explorer Camp (All rates on request)

Adventurers choose a stay at the Explorer Camp where you stay for two nights in a 2-person tent in the reserve itself.

The three spacious tents are already stored for you in a beautiful and shady place. Each tent can accommodate a maximum of 2 people and that means that the group size is a maximum of 6 people. The expert guide can give you a lot of personal attention and share his knowledge of flora and fauna with you. The camp was set up with safety as the main target, but there is no fence and that means that wild animals can walk in and around the camp.You receive clear safety instructions from the guide and he carries a weapon as a precaution.

Each canvas tent has two aluminum stretchers with a sleeping bag and pillows. Every tent has a hammock where you can relax. In the tent there is a cupboard and an LED lamp that you can use in the evening. Every tent has a bio toilet (camping toilet) and sink outside, and there are two outdoor showers that guests must share. Hot water comes from solar energy or on a cold day from the warmth of a wood fire. Towels, toilet paper and biodegradable shampoo and shower gel are provided. Meals are prepared outside and enjoyed in the open air, in the shade or under the Karoo starry sky.


No persons under the age of 16 years will be accommodated at Dwyka Tented Lodge. Our children’s policy per lodge will therefore be as follows:

    • Gondwana Family Lodge: Welcomes children of all ages
    • Tilney Manor: Welcomes children from 12 years and older
    • Dwyka Tented Lodge: Welcomes children from 16 years and older
    • Explorer Camp: Welcomes children from 16 years and older

The reason for this is to fall in line with our walking policy. As Dwyka is our premium lodge, all of our rangers are qualified walking guides. Our policy specifies that no person under the age of 16 years is permitted on walking safaris.  All existing bookings will still be honoured. This is effective from 01.03.17

Complimentary child minding is offered in our kiddies playroom at Gondwana Family Lodge during game drive hours for our younger guests who are unable to take go on game drives (0- 3yrs).

Magnificent views, panoramic landscapes and towering cliffs, streams and the abundance of trees and indigenous flora, all contribute to making the Breede River Valley one of the Western Cape’s most diverse regions. The ever-changing colours of our majestic mountains, scenic passes, rivers, vineyards and orchards as well as the multitude of attractions, will offer you an unforgettable adventure, whether this is in the physical sense or simply a kaleidoscope of scenic experiences.
Innovation and pride, combined with a terrain and mild climate that are harmoniously balanced, result in the prominence of our region’s wines. The R62 Route which links the Breede River Valley and Klein Karoo, will take you along the longest wine route in the world.

The easily accessible towns, nestled among the Valleys, all offer ample opportunity for discovery. From visits to wineries and game reserves, art and cultural tours, museums, hiking trails and mountain climbing, 4×4 routes and canoeing expeditions, even riding the worlds largest birds, fishing and caves. You can unwind in one of the invigorating hot-springs, revel in luxury or relax in rustic tranquility.

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