What can I expect to pay locally – for drinks, food and petrol?

Because the South African currency, the Rand, has a favourable exchange rate against the Euro, Pound and Dollar, your money goes a long way in South Africa.

Below we made an overview of what you can expect to pay at establishments in South Africa (the costs below are based on prices in June 2019):

Food and drink:
An average lunch (global indication) is approximately € 7 to € 12
Dinner is around € 12 to € 17 per person.
A bottle of wine in your average restaurant: between € 8 and € 15
A glass of beer in a bar (0.5 liters) costs around € 2 – 3
A cappuccino at a coffee shop costs between € 1.50 and € 3
Other drinks such as soft drinks (cool drinks in SA) are on average between € 0.75 and € 2

A liter of gasoline or diesel: around € 1
The prices in the supermarket are also lower although they do not differ much from the prices in Europe.