What kind of clothes should I pack for my holiday to South Africa?

South Africa is a very large country and therefore has various weather conditions in the different parts of the country. We recommend that you bring “layers” of clothing. During the day it can be very nice and warm, but in the evenings it can cool down quite a bit. A warm jacket or top is therefore recommended. In the winter months it can be cold and / or rainy in some parts of the country.

If you go on a bush walk in a game reserve during your trip, make sure you wear neutral coloured clothes (beige, green, brown, khaki) and sturdy closed shoes. It is better not to wear red, white, yellow or blue during safaris. There are no dress codes when you drive through a game reserve with your rental car.

In general, casual clothing is worn by everyone. If you are staying in more luxurious accommodations or if you are going to dine in a fine dining restaurant, well-kept neat clothing is appreciated. Only in very exclusive cases, such as e.g. if you travel with the luxury Rovos Rail, evening wear is worn.

A lot depends on the type of holiday you are going to have and in which period of the year you travel. For a motorhome holiday you will need different clothing than for a luxury train journey.

Some suggestions regarding clothing are in all cases: good walking shoes, a windbreaker, sunglasses, hat or cap, warm sweater or cardigan, flip flops, (cotton) clothing, long pants (for in the evenings), shorts, t-shirts and swimwear. Also take a look at our packing list.

Before you travel, also take a look at the weather forecasts in the area where you are going to travel.