Balloon trip over the Magalies River Valley near Johannesburg

General information

There is really nothing like the experience of floating slowly in a hot air balloon above the African landscape. Fly above the Magaliesbergen and the valley through which the river flows to the Hartebeespoort dam. An exciting and at the same time soothing experience! Choose a flight with or without breakfast after landing. There are flight options where you fly for 1 hour and also a ‘budget flight’ of 30 minutes.

A perfect way to celebrate a special event or as one of the highlights of your holiday in South Africa.


From€ 168
Half day
Daily based on availability and weather conditions
Not included (price for transfer on request)
Breakfast included at the Bill Harrop's Original Balloon Ride
Bill Harrop's Original Balloon Ride: Clubhouse Pavilion, Skeerpoort. Cloud 9 Balloon Ride: Magalies River Valley/Cradle of Humankind, exact location will be provided later
Same as starting point
All ages
  • Ballooning trip of about 1 hour over the Magalies River Valley. Budget options balloon trip of approximately 30 minutes
  • Coffee / tea and cookies prior to the flight. An after-flight breakfast is included for the Bill Harrop's Original Balloon Ride
  • Sparkling wine after landing
  • Transfer back to the place where the balloon took off
  • Certificate as a memento
  • Personal expenses and fees
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned
Day program -

What could be better than hovering over the South African landscape with a hot air balloon? Whether it is to celebrate a special event or ‘just’ to treat yourself to a special experience. With this day trip you can choose from two different ‘experiences’: Bill Harrop’s Original Balloon Rides or the Cloud 9 Balloon Ride.

Flights from other locations possible on request (for example, above the Mabula Private Game Reserve or Entabeni safari park). Ask us about the costs and options.

Bill Harrop’s Original Balloon Rides departs from the Cradle of Humankind on the border of the provinces Gauteng and North West, about 45 km north-west of Johannesburg (+/- 80 km from the center of Johannesburg) and near the town of Hartbeespoort. Early in the morning you will arrive at Bill Harrop’s Skeerpoort Country Base where you will get a nice cup of coffee or tea with cookies at the Clubhouse Pavilion while the balloon is being prepared and the sun is rising. You will receive a brief safety instruction from the pilot and then it is time to go up for a flight of about 1 hour. The balloon takes you over the Magalies River Valley, a beautiful piece of nature. After a safe landing you drink a well-deserved glass of sparkling wine while the balloon is packed again. You leave for the Clubhouse Pavilion where a delicious breakfast awaits you. And of course a ‘Citations For Bravery’ should not be missing as a memento of the flight. This activity takes 3-5 hours from start to finish.

Meeting times for this balloon flight (at Bill Harrop’s Balloon Safaris Skeerpoort Country Base)
1 November – 31 January 04:45 a.m
1 – 29 February en 16- 31 October 05:00 a.m
1- 15 March en 1 – 15 October 05:15 a.m
16 – 31 March and 16 – 30 September 05:30 a.m
1 – 30 April en 1 – 15 September 05:45 a.m
1 – 31 May and 1 – 31 August 06:00 a.m
1 June- 31 July 06:15 a.m
Little time or a smaller budget? Choose a 30-minute flight where you fly in a group of at least 12 people.
For the Cloud 9 Balloon Flight, 4 different places to take off are selected, all located in the Magalies River Valley – Cradle or Humankind region. You meet the pilot just before sunrise when the balloon is being prepared and you can drink a cup of coffee or tea with cookies.

The safety rules are explained and then you can climb into the basket. After about an hour of floating between heaven and earth and enjoying the scenery (Magaliesbergen, Hartebeespoortdam etc), it is time for the landing. Once on the floor, drink a glass of bubbles while the balloon is being cleared. You will be brought back to the place where you left from and end this adventure with a flight certificate as a memento. This activity takes around 3 hours from start to finish.

Here too, there is the option of a 30-minute flight in a group of at least 12 people for travelers with a somewhat smaller budget.

The following applies to both flight options: – Transfers from your accommodation possible at an additional cost – Wear closed shoes, no heels or slippers – Take a warm jacket or sweater because it is still cold in the morning – Think of sun protection (hat, cap, sunglasses, sunscreen) – This area has excellent weather conditions for ballooning. However, if it is not safe to fly, you will be notified 1 to 1.5 hours in advance.- If you are flying with a group of more than 6 people, a reduced rate applies, ask us for the price.

You can book this excursion in combination with other travel options from our total travel offer.


p.o.a. = Price on request