The following is a summary of the Rental Conditions.  Please note that all prices are quoted in South African Rand.  Rates quoted in our brochures and / or conditions are subject to change without notice.

Rates include:
Unlimited kilometres
– Standard excess insurance cover (ZAR30 000 excess)
– Living equipment
– Full water tank and gas bottle(s)
– Roadside assistance
– Cleaning
– All Additional Drivers
– VAT (14% South Africa)

Rates are subject to change in accordance with changes to government taxes.

All vehicles are insured against damage, subject to excess.

A Standard Excess of ZAR 30 000 applies in the event of any damage to either the vehicle or third party property, theft, wilful damage, overhead and under body damage, replacement and/or repair of tyres and rims, all towing and recovery costs, replacement and or repair to windscreens, replacement and or repair to radio or CD player.  Irrespective of fault, liability will be ZAR 30 000.

A security bond of ZAR 30 000 will be taken against this excess on vehicle collection.  The security bond is payable by cash, credit card or travellers cheques.  Credit cards accepted are – VISA, MasterCard, Amex or Diners.  Should the bond be paid by credit card the amount will be debited to your account immediately, any currency fluctuations are not our responsibility.

If the vehicle is returned to the agreed location, on time and in good order the security bond will be refunded without deduction.  Deductions will be made to cover any damage to the vehicle, third party property, the emptying of the toilet tank (if applicable), items lost or damaged.

The following options are offered to reduce the Standard Excess

CDW 2ZAR 240 per day

This option REDUCES THE EXCESS to ZERO; irrespective of fault; liability will be ZERO.

CDW 2 also covers the following:
– any overhead and under body damage
– replacement and repair costs to tyres and rims
– replacement and repair costs to windscreen
– all costs associated with the towing and recovery of the vehicle

The renter will be fully liable for any damage to the vehicle or third party vehicle in the following circumstances:
– water damage/water submersion (including salt water)
– fire damaged caused due to negligence
– wilful damage – any damaged caused as a result of negligence.

Wilful damage includes but is not limited to:
– driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
– driving on restricted roads or in restricted areas
– sitting or standing on the bonnet or the roof of the vehicle
– damaging the gearbox due to incorrect use of the clutch/handbrake
– failure to stop driving when a dashboard warning light indicates a problem
– incorrect use of diff-locks and/or transfer cases, i.e. driving on tar roads with electronic diff-locks engaged

Personal Injury is not covered by vehicle insurance, personal travel insurance is strongly recommended.

Not all Southern African vehicles are insured and it is also NOT compulsory to be insured against third party property. It is therefore at times impossible to recover from these drivers, even through the legal system. LIABLITY MUST NOT BE ADMITTED NOR ANY OF SETTLEMENT MADE.

– Accidents must be reported within 24 hours to our head office and to the police
– If the rental vehicle is involved in an accident and is not driveable, a replacement vehicle, if available, may be collected from the closest branch
– If the hirer requires a replacement vehicle to be delivered, then these charges will be for the hirer’s account.  If the hirer is unable or unwilling to take a replacement vehicle, no refunds for early termination will apply
– No refund of rental days lost will be considered during the period in which a replacement vehicle is being organised
– Should there be no replacement vehicle available, no refund for lost rental days will be considered
– Should the hirer continue with a replacement vehicle then a new excess and rental conditions will apply
– Damage costs are established by a quotation of repair from our panel beaters and are substantiated by a report from a duly accredited Loss Assessor.  No negotiation will be entered into in relation to these costs
– We reserve the right to apply the above conditions as they deem fit.


  • The hirer will be responsible for and shall look after / maintain the vehicle and its contents for the duration of the rental.
  • Although each vehicle is serviced regularly, problems can occur. Should the hirer have repairs done on the vehicle, Zebra Camper Hire needs to be notified.  Depending on the nature of the repair, the hirer will be refunded on presentation of an invoice (details of supplier to be noted on invoice).  No refunds will be entertained without and invoice.
  • In the event of a breakdown, Zebra Camper Hire reserves the right to an independent report to determine if the breakdown occurred due to incorrect handling of the vehicle, clutch, etc. and / or driver negligence / abuse. Should it be determined that the hirer was at fault, the hirer will be liable for all costs related to the breakdown and / or recovery of the vehicle.  This also applies in the event of an accident.
  • Zebra Camper Hire will attempt to resolve any breakdown as fast as is possible, but sometimes due to availability of spares, distance, etc. it can take a little longer. Due to this, Zebra Camper Hire has 24 hours from notification of the breakdown to resolve the situation before any refunds for lost time will be considered.  The refund for lost time only applies if the breakdown was not caused by an accident, negligence, improper handling of the vehicle, etc.
  • During the handing over of the vehicle, the fridge / freezer, gas cooker and airconditioner are demonstrated to the hirer to be in working order. Zebra Camper Hire does not accept liability for any of these units malfunctioning during the duration of the rental.  No refunds are considered should any of the abovementioned malfunction.
  • On signing of the contract, the hirer acknowledges that he / she is hiring a camper / touring car. This is the sole purpose of a Zebra Camper Hire vehicle.  Should the vehicle be used for any other purpose, the hirer will be fully liable to Zebra Camper Hire for all damages or losses incurred.  This also applies in the event that the hirer fails to comply with any safety and / or maintenance procedures.
  • The hirer will be using the vehicle at his / her own risk. Should the hirer suffer any loss / damage through any cause whatsoever, the hirer shall have no claim against Zebra Camper Hire.
  • Driving at night is not recommended. This is due to the number of animals and pot-holes on the roads.
  • The hirer will be responsible for all traffic fines incurred on the vehicle for the duration of the hirer’s rental.

We reserve the right to charge the hirer after the term of the rental for:
– Any traffic or parking fines. An additional amount of R 350 for administration purposes will be added to the amount of the fine
– Any damages and accidents that we have not been made aware of on the return of the vehicle

The hirer is responsible for insurance of personal property. To avoid possible theft, valuables should not be left in the vehicle.  In major cities, it is advisable to leave the vehicle in a caravan park and utilise public transport or tours to visit the inner city.

Our vehicles are specially modified and do not always have the road handling abilities of a car.

The following caution must be taken:
– Consideration for the condition of the road and the weather conditions; it is more difficult to control a vehicle on unsealed roads
– Keep within the speed limit, not exceeding 100 km/h on sealed roads and 60 – 80 km/h on unsealed roads
– It is strong recommended that driving at night be avoided; wandering animals often stray onto the roads

A pre rental vehicle inspection will be required to be made by the hirer on collection of the vehicle.  The vehicle shall be deemed to be in good order, condition and repair and properly filled with oil and water, unless otherwise indicated in the vehicle condition report.

Minimum rental is 5 days, subject to collection / return depots.  When calculating the number of days, the day of collection is counted as day one of the rental regardless of collection time.  The day of return is counted as the final day.

Airport collections charges on request.
We reserve the right to apply the above conditions as they deem fit.

All credit card transactions are conducted in South African Rand.  Due to exchange rate fluctuations there could be some variance in the amount refunded compared to the amount initially charged. We accept no liability for any variances up or down.

If a credit card is presented as payment, the credit card holder will be jointly and severally liable as a customer.  The cardholder of the credit card presented for payment, has to be present on collection of the camper.

A valid non-endorsed driver’s licence is required – international licence is preferred. In Namibia it is law for non-SA citizens to have an international licence.

Drivers must be 21 years or older.

Vehicles may be taken into South Africa’s neighbouring states but are not allowed into Angola, or Malawi. All insurance cover is void if vehicles enter prohibited areas.

We reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions, political situations or any other reason.

We reserve the right to substitute a comparable or superior vehicle should the requested vehicle not be available due to unforeseen circumstances. This shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle the hirer to any refund.

If vehicle is returned early for any reason, no refund will be considered.