What type of car do I need?

South Africa is a four-wheel drive (4×4) country. The South Africans like to drive in it themselves, but a 4×4 will also add be great fun for yourself. With a 4×4 rental car you have no problems driving throughe through the beautiful game reserves, you can make trips on dirt roads, you drive along beautiful mountain passes and are carefree driving through the busy city traffic. A 4×4 can therefore offer a lot of driving pleasure and extra comfort.
A 4×4 car is also ideal if you also want to visit other countries in southern Africa.

There are also cars that look like a 4×4. These cars have a higher ground clearance, but are two wheel drive. These cars are not suitable for muddy, slippery and steep roads. These cars are cheaper than the 4×4 and you will find them under our normal car rental, category larges. This is a good option if you want a little more comfort than a regular Sedan but don’t plan on driving on the really bad roads.

A 4×4 is not required for most routes and roads in South Africa. A normal car is the cheapest option and suitable for many roads. On the bad roads, however, make sure to drive slow and careful. There is always a small chance that you will get stuck.

Please send us your route and travel plan and we are happy to advise you on the type of car that best suits your journey.

We drive on the left side of the road in South Africa. This is not a problem for most people,. It’s our experience that you get used to it very quickly. However, if you find this a bit scary or are not too sure about driving on the left, then we can recommend that you consider an automatic car. This will help you focus on the road by eliminating extra distractions like changing gears (with your other hand).

Note: the pedals and the gears work identically to left hand drive cars. The clutch is on the left, the brake in the middle and the accelerator on the right. 1st gear is in the front left, 2nd in the back on the left, etc. The latter means a different movement: you shift with your left hand and instead of pulling the gear lever towards you and forward, push it away from you and forward to put the car in first gear.