Travelstory of Mrs. Vercruijsse-Ancher

Dear Sir Stevens,

My son Tijmen and I had a great trip. For me everything was new, in part for him, since he had been working in a lodge in Hermanus for 5 months. to feel at ease.I have experienced South Africa as a beautiful country (large and wide and often rough) with mostly happy, cordial people.

A country with a wealth of delicious food and drinks and where you can spend the night in all kinds of categories.

The services provided by your organization were excellent in every way. The rental car was quickly arranged and brand new (just go left and get used to the local traffic) The Bamboo guesthouse was a very nice surprise, I certainly did not find that!

The canoe trip at / at Stormsriver was really beautiful and the organization solid and entertaining (the guides) Of all accommodations, the Fernery was the pinnacle! Beautiful location and very friendly staff.

I would love to go back again!

By the way, it is thanks to Tijmen that I traveled to South Africa. Even as a girl / teenager, I lived in Ghana (West Afrka) for four years in South Africa during apartheid and traveling to that country felt like a taboo.

I am glad that I am free from that now. The large socio-economic difference between white and black, however, remains difficult to comprehend.

Hereby I add some photos, there may not be much new to you but it is also my image.