Travelstory of Mrs. Klijnsma

Good evening,

Already a few days back in the Netherlands after our trip to South Africa. It was wonderful to embrace my daughter there after 4 months and to spend a good week traveling with her along the south coast and then to Kololo for a few more days stay.

Ester has compiled our trip with great expertise and arranged fine accommodation, that is why we were able to enjoy our holiday to the fullest and without worry. Thank you very much Ester 🙂

The first week we saw a lot, walked a lot, swam, kayaked, took pictures and enjoyed the beautiful summer weather. The second week we saw a lot of animals and we unwind in the beautiful Kololo reserve.

The last day we went to Joburg and we made a bike ride through Soweto.This was very impressive and at the same time confronting to see the poverty in which people live. Children clinging to you, walking barefoot while the ground is strewn with broken glass.