Travelstory of Mr. van der Vlugt

Dear Arthur, maar vooral Hanneke,

We greatly enjoyed this trip. We are extremely pleased with the way in which everything was perfectly organized for us. The flights were well organized (although next time we would go for a direct flight and no longer via Dubai. Will have had to deal with the price) The car was perfectly arranged and was shiny ready. All lodges were informed of our arrival and our proposed wishes! We think this is worth 10 in terms of organization! All compliments for Hanneke.

She has perfectly translated all our wishes into beautiful remote places, with the right mix between luxury and basic.

Welgevonden is the most beautiful park where we have seen the most wildlife. (Found it !! 🙂 The worst park is the neighbor neighbor Marakele. The tent was fine with a beautiful view over the water, but due to a recent fire more than half of this park burned down and there is almost no wildlife left …..
If you want other information, then we naturally want to share it.