Trip date: August 2018

Travelstory of Mr. van den Eede

We can look back on a fantastic holiday in an incredibly beautiful country. The enormous landscapes follow one another and each region with its character. Drakensberg has left a very special impression for us personally.
The coast was busier, more tourists, but just as beautiful (for example, the sunrise in Park Rynie). And cage diving with sharks was definitely recommended. Too bad the weather has disrupted whale watching.
And then the Kruger Park: what an immense beauty, you can safely spend a few more days here. This brings something new every day. For us it was definitely worth it, we were lucky to see the Big 5 and as an extra the cheetah. (120st throughout Kruger).

Due to circumstances (strikes and roadblocks) we were unable to do the Panorama route. Alternatively we have visited the Echo caves. Which was certainly worth it.
Many organizations (perhaps most) offer a kind of equal vacation but in the opposite direction. Personally I find our tour more constructive about nature and the search for wild animals. People who first visit the Kruger Park, for the rest of the holiday, no longer look up from an impala, kudu or walking baboons, which is a shame. We have experienced this effectively from tourists we spoke along the way.

We are very satisfied with how the bookings went with the extra info from the campsites, the planning and organization of the activities and the communication when an activity ceases.
We, as a group, still have a point of criticism.1) The rental company of the motor homes let us sign so many papers (you need almost a day to go through this carefully) and then point us especially to things that we absolutely must or should do exactly and what the fines are against it. If you listen to this it is all about making as much money as possible on the back of the tourists. We really had the feeling that we only partially or even did not get our guarantee back because there was a problem somewhere that we had overlooked during the check. After we had all undergone what your duties are and what it can cost you, you still expect better equipment, and certainly in terms of safety. At a number of campers the tire pressure was certainly not as it should be, the lights had a poor adjustment and some did not work either, a bad steering alignment. These are things that should be in order, even in Africa! The interior and the material inside were fairly okay, most of the defects were discussed in detail with the company at the time of the return.

2) As a group we have rented 10 campers and 2 have experienced major electrical outages. 1 they came to exchange and 1 they hoisted (did nothing anymore). And to get this right, it took us too much trouble. Something can always go wrong, but we don’t think it’s okay in the way this went.