Travelstory of Mr. and Mrs. Arts van der Zanden

Dear Arthur,

Thanks for the email we had a fantastic honeymoon !! Great from start to finish !!
Started in Zimbabwe in the Matetse River Lodge, coincidentally also talking with the current owner who has invested a lot of money in the lodges and nature.  The lodges look stylish with a lot of luxury and excellent services, you will notice that because this lodge is fairly new, the animals are still a bit shy compared to the animals that we have seen in the Okavango Delta of which the lodge has been around for a long time.

Chief CampThis lodge really surpasses everything !! what a super services with renovated houses and a great view, the animals are really in the backyard.
We have been helped by the South Africa specialist by Yara Peters, she helped us a lot!

We will still send photos of these beautiful countries.

Thank you for the good services!