Whale watching from the water from St. Lucia

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This is not just a boat trip, this is a spectacular boat trip where you spend two hours on the open ocean to spot humpback whales! What could be more special than to see a whale of no less than 40 tons rise from the water? The expert guide will share his knowledge about the animals and birds that you encounter along the way and his love of the whale is contagious.



From€ 83
Half day
Daily in the whale season (mid-May-mid-December), weather dependent: 7 a.m., 9 a.m. or 11 a.m.
From headoffice in St.Lucia
Not included
Kwazulu Natal
St. Lucia
St. Lucia
From 10 years
  • Boat trip with an experienced guide
  • Boat trip with experienced guide
  • Personal expenses and fees
  • meals and drinks
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For anyone who is even a little interested in animals, seeing the huge humpback whales is a special experience. These giants of the ocean can reach no less than 16 meters with the weight of a total of 11 elephants! The whales migrate along the coast of St. Lucia between mid-May and mid-December on their way to the warm ocean waters off the coast of Mozambique, among others, to give birth. This boat trip gives you the opportunity to approach whales up to a distance of just 50 meters.

You will meet at the headquarters in St. Lucia and from there to the beach from where the boat is launched. You will spend about 2 hours on the ocean looking for whales. Perhaps you are lucky enough to see these enormous animals ‘jumping’ out of the water, this is called breaching. Of course you can see other animals besides whales during the boat trip such as dolphins, turtles, sharks and water birds. The experienced skipper takes care of your safety, but you are on open water and the waves can make it an exciting trip. The guide will give you a lot of information about the whales and you will of course have the opportunity to ask questions. After about 3 hours you will be back at the office, a wonderful experience. Normally the boat leaves (early) in the morning.

Always ensure that you wear / bring warm clothing, including a towel, dry clothes and something to eat and drink. Make sure you store your phone and camera in a watertight bag, with a somewhat rougher ocean it can splash considerably (also consider seasickness tablets if necessary). Preferably wear rubber or plastic shoes that can withstand water. Life jackets are present on the boat. If you make this excursion during the whale season and you don’t see any whales (luckily this hardly ever happens), you will get a part of your money back. If you are unable to leave due to the weather, you will of course not have to pay.

The boat is launched directly from the beach and this will not always go smoothly, but can sometimes be a bumpy ride. It becomes people with serious backs and neck complaints, pregnant women and the elderly (with osteoporosis) therefore not recommended to book this excursion.


p.o.a. = Price on request