Travelstory of Mr. and Mrs. Vermeulen

Dear Arthur,

Thank you for your good wish. We are healthy again and have returned.
Our trip from Johannesburg the ‘6 day Zimbabwe trip: Victoria Falls and Hwange’ with your organization went smoothly from start to finish.

Our stay at Victoria Falls Hotel was outstanding. The dinner was classy, we would have liked to know in advance that this requires more chic clothing than the outdoor outfit …. we were not prepared for that. Fortunately it worked out fine. The breakfast was also extensive and excellent. The location is beautiful and there is still an atmosphere of old glory.
The taxi company JENMAN provided good service, except for a hitch. We had to wait an hour before the tour guide showed up at the falls. Incidentally, the only blemish.

Our stay in Hwange is also recommended. Beautiful lodges and we were surrounded with care. Given the time of year it meant that temperatures dropped in the early morning and late afternoon and evening. So it was cool and when we were escorted to our lodge after the evening meal, the wood burning stove was burning and surprisingly we got into a warm bed because a warm water jug had been placed there for everyone. Moving warming moment!
The game drives were beautiful and they did their best to show and experience us as much as possible about jungle life. The best part was that in the evening a thirsty elephant came to drink from the swimming pool while we were dining less than 5 meters away. Every dinner of very good quality. A stay to remember.

Kind regards,
Annette and Peter Vermeulen.