Travel insurance

Holiday is important. You must enjoy it without worry. That is why there are travel insurance policies. South Africa Specialist has chosen the Europeesche, the specialist in travel insurance.

On this page you will find more information about short-term and ongoing travel insurance policies. You can also calculate your premium yourself and possibly take out the insurance.

Everyone who goes on holiday actually wants only one thing: one hundred percent holiday pleasure. That is possible with the Europeesche travel insurance. A tailor-made insurance, where you can always count on fast, professional assistance from the Europeesche Helpline, worldwide, in the event of a breakdown, accident or disaster.

Basics: the most important risks insured

With the Basic travel insurance you are well insured for the most important risks during your trip. This way you are entitled to some important reimbursements. For example if you accidentally break something in your hotel room or holiday home. Or if you suddenly have extra travel or telephone costs. You can choose from Europe coverage or World coverage.

Comfort: more than generous reimbursements

The Comfort travel insurance from Europeesche offers more than the Basic travel insurance. With Comfort you receive more generous reimbursements for the cover you choose, such as medical costs, accidents or luggage. With this travel insurance you can also choose from Europe coverage or World coverage.

Optimal:everything prefectly arranged

Do you not want to take any risks? Then the Optimal travel insurance from Europeesche is perfect for you. We have compiled an extensive travel insurance policy so that you will not be faced with any surprises. Luggage, medical costs and legal assistance are, for example, also included as standard. Moreover, we reimburse the replacement value for your luggage up to two years old, without deductible! With this travel insurance you can also choose from Europe coverage or World coverage.

For the travel insurance it is very important that you have health insurance WITH cover abroad in the country of residence! Without this coverage there is no coverage for medical costs on the travel insurance!

If you do not live in the Netherlands but within a radius of 50 km from the Dutch border, you can take out an adjusted travel insurance policy.

Continuous insurance

Especially for anyone who goes out several times a year, the Europeesche has developed the Continuous Travel and the Continuous Cancellation Insurance. Very easy and also economical. Your holiday pleasure is insured throughout the year, no matter how often you go! There are various possibilities.

Insurance for volunteer travel

Voluntary work is covered in the comprehensive travel insurance.

If you do not live in the Netherlands but you do live within a radius of 50 km from the Dutch border, you can take out adjusted insurance
In this case, you can only insure yourself for medical costs if you have a cover for medical costs in the holiday country you are going to with your own (non-Dutch) health insurance policy.
In addition, it is not possible to take out legal assistance and help / rental vehicle if you do not live in the Netherlands. ‘
For a journey shorter than three months, the maximum premium (excluding insurance tax and policy costs) may not exceed € 200 per person per insurance. It is possible to take out several insurance policies per trip, with the premium limit per insurance policy. Ask us about all options and costs without obligation.
Help on pocket app
Everyone gets better from more information, so we would like to refer you to the free ‘Help on Pocket-app’ from the Europeesche. This app provides a medical dictionary in nine languages everywhere, information about local diseases, compulsory vaccinations and emergency centers.

Complaints procedure

Your interests are paramount at Europeesche Verzekeringen. However, it may happen that you are not satisfied with our products or services. Your complaint is welcome in that case. It helps us improve continuously. For more information regarding the submission and processing of a complaint, click here: complaints procedure.

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