Surrender deductible hull damage 4×4 cars and campers

When renting a 4×4 car or camper, standard insurance is included. With this insurance you have a deductible that you can find in the quote or with the type of camper on our website. This deductible is stated in the South African Rand or Namibian Dollar.

You can choose to take out additional insurance to cover the deductible for hull damage. This can be done in two different ways:
  1. additional (separate) insurance through the Europeesche
  2. additional insurance for the specific camper through the camper supplier

The most important difference between these insurance policies is that you pay a much lower premium through the Europeesche. With the Europeesche insurance you must provide a deposit (via your credit card) and claim back any damage afterwards with Europeesche insurance.
Damage to third parties at the Europeesche is also not included.With the supplementary insurance for the specific camper you do not have to pay this deposit and also do not have to claim the amount afterwards,

The prices of the supplementary insurance vary per camper, but are always higher than the insurance through the Europeesche.

On this page you will find more information about supplementary insurance via Europeesche. By requesting and / or taking out your insurance with South Africa Specialist, you agree to the digital provision of the insurance card that corresponds to the requested insurance.

Additional insurance via the Europeesche suitable for covering the deductible

Through the rental company you always have basic insurance for the rented (4×4) camper. But the deductible remains and that can have a major impact on damage. With the insurance for surrender your own risk via the Europeesche you buy off your own risk.
The premium is small and often lower than comparable insurance policies from the rental company itself. You are also insured for body damage that rental companies usually charge in full. For example damage to windows and tires.

These are the benefits:

  • Surrender deductible already arranged in the Netherlands
  • Vehicle repatriation insured in case of early return (if your travel insurance covers the event)
  • Extra security on top of the mandatory basic insurance
  • Often cheaper than additional insurance through the rental company
  • Compensation for damage to the top and bottom of the vehicle and when driving off-road
The Insurance for surrender deductible is for:
  • who lives in the Netherlands or the neighboring countries of the Netherlands
  • has taken out basic insurance (standard insurance) with the rental company at the holiday destination.

De Europeesche reimburses the deductible and hull damage excluded by the rental company. Damage to the car, motorcycle or camper that you rent is partly insured by the insurance that you take out with the rental company of the camper. The insurance for surrender of own risk reimburses what is not covered in this basic insurance: deductible and excluded hull damage.
By excluded hull damage we mean damage to the car, motorcycle or motorhome itself that is not reimbursed on the insurance of the rental company. Consider damage caused by off-road use, damage to windows and damage to the interior. Further on this page you will find other examples of excluded hull damage.

Do you unexpectedly have to return to the Netherlands earlier? Then the Insurance for surrender of the deductible will reimburse the costs of returning your rental vehicle to the rental company.

The Casco damage section is intended to supplement the basic insurance taken out with the local lessor of the motor vehicle. The section is only valid if – and as long as – the basic insurance policy taken out with the lessor of the motor vehicle for the driver (s) is in force. All suppliers normally have standard basic insurance.

Note: If you take out this insurance via Europeesche you must pay the deposit belonging to the standard insurance of the local landlord by credit card. This insurance therefore does not lower the deposit. After all, you do not take out the insurance with the local lessor but via the Europeesche. In the event of damage, Europeesche will pay you after the trip. This insurance replaces the surrender deductible insurance from the local camper rental company. So if this person asks you on the spot whether you want to surrender the deductible, you do not have to do this because you are already insured through the Europeesche.

The premium is considerably lower. The cover for hull damage is the same or higher.

Cover overview car / camper rental travel insurance via the Europeesche:

Cover overview 4×4 en camper
Repatriation of the motor vehicle, per motor vehicle €3500
Casco damage
deductible cover for damage not covered by the excluded hull damage *), per motor vehicle per event €3500
excluded hull damage *), per motor vehicle per event €7000

* Taking into account the maximum insured amount, the payment will in any case never exceed the deductible charged. The deductible relates to the insurance taken out in the country where the motor vehicle was rented.

With body damage excluded by the motorhome landlord is understood:
damage due to off-road use damage to interior
damage to windows roof damage due to low-hanging objects
damage caused by reversing bottom damage incl. tires and wheels
damage due to freezing / overheating piping system


(4×4) Camper only hull risk (hull and repatriation €9,08 per day
(4×4) Car only hull risk (hull and repatriation €4,78 per day
Excluded hull damage is a confusing term. In this case it means that this damage is insured for a higher amount (€7000).

General terms and conditions for European insurance for excess insurance



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