Cancellation insurance

Everyone who goes on holiday actually wants only one thing: one hundred percent holiday pleasure. Zuid-Afrika Specialist has chosen the Europeesche, the specialist in travel insurance. The cancellation insurance of the Europeesche is a tailor-made insurance, in which you can always count on fast, professional assistance from the Europeesche Help Line, worldwide in the event of a breakdown, accident or disaster.

On this page you will find more information about short-term and ongoing cancellation insurance policies. You can also calculate your premium yourself and possibly take out the insurance.

Almost every experienced traveler takes out cancellation insurance during the trip. This happens less often with ‘last minute’ bookings. It is nevertheless wise to take out insurance even then. Do you have to cancel your holiday unexpectedly for a valid reason? Then this cancellation insurance reimburses the high costs (just before departure) that a cancellation entails. The closer to the departure date, the higher the costs. If you are forced to cancel your trip, the travel days that you were unable to use are also reimbursed by the cancellation insurance.
What is insured?
You are insured for an earlier return to the Netherlands, for example in the case of e.g. death, serious illness or a serious accident of you or your family members, complications during pregnancy or, for example, material damage to your property, rental home or the company where you work, making it necessary for you to be present at home.
Before the trip: cancellation costs

You are insured for cancellation costs in the case of e.g. death, serious illness or serious injury due to an accident of a partner or family, pregnancy, an unexpected new home or if you suddenly become unemployed.

During the trip: unused travel days

You are insured for unused travel days with:

  • departure delay on the outward journey (at least 8 hours): due to an unforeseen delay of, for example, your aircraft, you will arrive later at your destination
  • hospitalization: you or your co-insured are unexpectedly admitted to the hospital
Return earlier from you or a co-insured
You are insured for an earlier return to the Netherlands in the case of e.g. death, serious illness or a serious accident of you or your family members, complications during pregnancy or, for example, material damage to your property, rental home or the company where you work, making it necessary for you to be present at home.
You can expand the standard coverage with the ‘Observer’ module. An observer is someone who, for example, performs your duties during your vacation, but also a caretaker of your house, pets or plants. The ‘composite journey’ module is included. If one of the components (such as airline ticket, accommodation and transport) expires, so that the entire trip cannot take place, you will be reimbursed for the cancellation costs of all individual components. In addition, customization is also possible, which means that all specific reasons for having to cancel can be insured.
All-risk cancellation insurance

If you opt for an Allrisk Cancellation, you decide whether you cancel the trip or return home earlier. Do you do this for a standard reason stated in the policy conditions? Then you will be reimbursed 100%. Are you doing this for another reason? For example, because your best friend has become seriously ill, or if you still get that new job and have to start quickly? Then you will receive 75% of the cancellation costs or cancellation compensation.

You cannot rely on the Allrisk Cancellation if, for example, you are not in the mood for a holiday or when the weather is disappointing.
Cancellation insurance for a group

A good cancellation insurance is important. Sometimes the participants have a continuous cancellation insurance. But not all insurers pay out if one traveling companion cannot come along. At Europeesche we do pay if an insured must cancel when a travel companion happens to something (provided that this is an insured event with us). We also do this if the travel companion does not have insurance with us.

Do the participants in the trip all have comprehensive cancellation insurance? Then make sure that they ask their society how they are insured in relation to each other. If the participants do not have ongoing cancellation insurance or if the coverage is insufficient, we offer two solutions:

Short-term cancellation insurance

On a short-term cancellation insurance, all mentioned insured persons may cancel if one of the insured persons gives a valid reason to cancel. A maximum of 4 families (everyone living at the same address) or 9 people can cancel one event. The premium is 5.5% of the travel sum plus policy costs and insurance tax. Do more than 4 families want to be able to cancel? The fifth, sixth and seventh families can be co-insured at an additional 0.5% premium per family over the total travel sum.

The term “family” may be translated into “address.” All individuals or groups who live at one address and are registered there form one family.

Group cancellation insurance

Are more than 7 families traveling? Or with more than 9 people? If the entire group wants to cancel, it is possible to take out a group cancellation insurance. In the event of a group cancellation, only the following risks are insured: – serious illness, accident or death of one of the members of the group – failure of the accommodation bankruptcy of the group. There is only coverage if one of these events takes place within 2 months before departure.

Please note: family circumstances and other reasons for cancellation are therefore not covered by the group cancellation insurance. It is therefore often advisable to take out the group cancellation insurance in combination with a short-term or continuous cancellation insurance.
To take out this insurance, you can contact our Acceptance department on tel. 020-6515253. With a group cancellation insurance the number of people determines the level of the premium:


up to 10 people: 3.0% of the travel sum
11 to 20 people: 3.5% of the travel sum
21 to 40 people: 4.5% of the travel sum
41 to 60 people: 5.0% of the travel sum

For a journey shorter than three months, the maximum premium (excluding insurance tax and policy costs) may not exceed € 200 per person per insurance. It is possible to supplement a continuous cancellation insurance with a short-term cancellation insurance. You can therefore take out several insurance policies per trip, with the premium limit per insurance policy. Ask us by email for advice regarding the premium and the policy conditions.
Do you not live in the Netherlands but do you want to take out cancellation insurance? This is also possible through us.

Help on pocket app

Everyone gets better from more information, so we would like to refer you to the free ‘Help on Pocket-app’ from the Europeesche. This app provides a medical dictionary in nine languages everywhere, information about local diseases, compulsory vaccinations and emergency centers.


General conditions for short-term European cancellation insurance

Calamities are an external calamity that you can insure against with the z, g, rebook insurance. If there is a negative travel advice, airlines will cancel their flights. We as an organization will deal with calamities in South Africa by looking for alternatives within South Africa.

So we see no need to be a member / have you pay for the Calamity fund.

The rebook for emergency

With the additional all-risk clause with the cancellation insurance, everyone who has booked a trip abroad is insured for 75% of the possible costs of rebooking or canceling a trip.

A cancellation insurance without all risk coverage only offers coverage if something happens to you or your immediate family. So not when, for example, bird flu or Ebola breaks out at your holiday destination.
The all-risk coverage of the Europeesche is a good addition to your cancellation insurance.

What will you be reimbursed if you take out the all risk coverage?

De Europeesche reimburses 75% of the change / cancellation costs of your originally booked trip and any administration costs of the tour operator. The conversion insurance insures the amount of your originally booked trip, but is independent of any new trip.
If the new destination is more expensive, because it is further away, for example, you pay the price difference yourself.
If the new destination is cheaper, you will not get the remaining amount back.

Europeesche reimburses the rebooking costs per insured person once to a maximum of 75% of the travel sum of the original trip plus the administration costs. If there are several insured persons on the policy schedule, the travel sum per insured person is determined in proportion to everyone’s share in the travel sum.
The departure date of the newly booked trip must be within 6 months of the original departure date.
South Africa is rebooking a large country within this country is also covered by insurance.

When are you covered?
You are insured when your holiday pleasure disappears through:
– a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, forest fire or flood;
– a terrorist attack or molestation, for example a popular uprising;
– an epidemic, such as the Mexican flu.
You are also insured if due to an event such as damage to the infrastructure, the planned trip cannot reasonably be made.

You can determine whether you want to change your trip from 3 months before departure up to and including the departure day. A newspaper report about the situation is sufficient to prove the right to rebook.

The most important advantages at a glance:
– your own traveling pleasure
– a maximum of 25% extra costs for rebooking
– supplement to your cancellation insurance
– competitive all-risk premium

Complaints procedure

Your interests are paramount at Europeesche Verzekeringen. However, it may happen that you are not satisfied with our products or services. Your complaint is welcome in that case. It helps us improve continuously. For more information regarding the submission and processing of a complaint, click here:
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