Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach offers a nice trip for both children and adults, here you can see African penguins (or Jackass penguins) from very close by in their natural environment. Boulders Beach is about two kilometers from Simon’s Town and is part of the Table Mountain National Park. The sandy beach of Boulders is surrounded by large granite boulders, which not only provides shade but also protects against waves and currents.

Two pairs of African penguins were seen here in 1982 and the population has grown to a whopping 3000, a beautiful sight! Visit the information center on Kleintuin Road to find out more about the penguins. From here you can take a walk on the wooden ramps that are installed (also suitable for wheelchair users), this is the best place to observe and photograph the penguins up close. Despite the friendly appearance of the little penguins you should not try to touch them, they have sharp teeth! You may also not feed them.

Do not only look at the penguins on the beach, but also keep your eyes on the water. With a little luck off the coast you can see seals, dolphins, whales or sharks. You pay an entrance fee to see the penguin colony.

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