Spitzkoppe is a group of granite rocks in Namibia that can be seen when you drive on the road from Swakopmund to Usakos. The German settlers derived the name from the pointed rocky point and is also called the “Matterhorn of Namibia”. The granite rocks with a height of 1728 meters above sea level contrast impressively with the flat desert environment around.
Around Spitzkoppe is a campsite with a few (basic) bungalows for tourists. The facilities are simple, toilets, showers and places to barbecue. There is a reception where you can discuss a campsite or bungalow and book a tour with a local guide. There is a small bar where you can buy soft drinks, make sure you bring enough water. There is a small admission fee to visit Spitzkoppe.
This mountain range in the desert is a popular place for climbers and mountain climbers, the routes vary in difficulty. It is impressive to realize that people used to climb all these rocks without tools, not only because of the climb itself but also because of the absence of water, the warm climate and the remote location of Spitzkoppe.

You can visit Spitzkoppe all year round and walk / hike in the area. Who really wants to climb is best in the winter months as the sun can make the granite rocks very warm in the summer.

In addition to the unmissable Spitzkoppe itself, there is another striking mountain top: Pondok (grass hut) Mountain. A chain is attached on the east side to help visitors climb the mountainside to Bushmans Paradise, a natural amphitheater. Unfortunately many of the 2000 to 4000 year old rock drawings of the Bushmen have been lost due to vandalism. However, you will also find rock paintings in other places, such as at Rhino Rock.


Spitzkoppe and surroundings have been used for the Hollywood movie 2000BC, of course the snow as you see it in the movie does not normally occur.

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