Little mass tourism, authentic African atmosphere, unspoiled beauty, relaxed population and tropical beaches on the Indian Ocean are just some of the many reasons to visit Mozambique.

Mozambique is located in the southeast of the African continent and is surrounded by South Africa and Swaziland in the south, Zimbabwe, Zimbia and Malawi in the west and Tanzania in the far north. Mozambique has a long coastal strip in the east.

Memories of the colonial past can be found in the capital Maputo and the coastal town of Inhambane. Are you looking for peace, sun, water sports, beautiful coral reefs and pristine beaches, then you can choose from various locations on the 2500 km long coastline. Mozambique is also very popular as a diving destination. Whale sharks, manta rays and the rare dugong (sea cow) swim in large numbers off the coast.

From the Kruger National Park in South Africa you can cross the Giriyondo border crossing to the Limpopo National Park, the most famous wildlife park in Mozambique. This way you can easily combine a safari with a few days at the beach. The Gorongosa and Niassa wildlife parks also lend themselves perfectly to a combination of safari and beach.

The old colonial city of Inhambane is certainly worth a visit. The Portuguese had a permanent trading post here from 1534. This makes Inhambane one of the oldest cities in southern Africa.
The coastal town of Tofo is not far from Inhambane and is also a famous residence for diving enthusiasts. Off the coast of Maputo lies Inhaca Island. As on most of the islands in Mozambique, you will also find colorful coral reefs and beautiful beaches here. On the south coast you will also find the beautiful coastal towns of Bilene and Xai-Xai.

Since the Portuguese settled in Mozambique many hundreds of years ago, the country has had turbulent times. During the war years, however, the coastal strip was largely spared. This certainly applies to the islands in the Bazaruto Archipelago where there was no fight. The town of Vilanculos is located north of Inhambane and is the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago. It is possible to visit the paradise islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago by plane or boat. This archipelago consists of the three main islands of Magaruque, Benguerra and Bazaruto.

The islands have all been declared national parks and are truly idyllic. The island group as a whole is a national park because of the rich bird life, but especially because of the coral reefs and the many colorful sea creatures.

Usefull information:

  • The currency in Mozambique is Metical (plural: Meticais) and the US Dollar is also accepted at larger hotels or restaurants.
  • In order to visit Mozambique by car from South Africa, you must apply for car documents prior to departure. Some car and camper rental companies impose strict restrictions on the area to be visited in Mozambique. Ask our travel consultants about the 4×4 cars or campers that are suitable for your travel route!
  • If you would like to dive during your holiday in Mozambique, it is not necessary to bring your own diving equipment. In places like Tofo, Inhambane and Vilanculos there are diving schools where you can rent diving equipment.
  • More and more roads in Mozambique are paved and are of excellent quality, but you will still come across roads during your journey where the 4×4 mode of your car or 4×4 camper is excellent. So make sure that you do not plan long distances per day so that you always arrive at the next destination before dark.
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