Bungee jumping

Making a bungee jump is on their bucket list for many and during your vacation in South Africa it is possible to make this dream come true!

On the border of the Eastern and Western Cape in the Tsitsikamma area lies the Bloukrans bridge, the ‘place to be’ when it comes to making a bungee jump.

Here you can make the world’s highest natural bungee jump of no less than 216 meters above the Bloukrans River. For those who go a step too far there is the ‘Bridge Walk’ where you walk along the same walkway as the bungee jumpers and can look down 216 meters. From the bridge you have a fantastic view over the mouth of the Bloukrans river in the ocean. If you still want to take the plunge then this is still possible if the crowds allow it.
Both the bungee jump and the bridge walk are organized by Face Adrenalin, the owners have been involved in building bungee jump from 1990 and jumps from Bloukrans Bridge have been organized by them since 1997. Needless to say that safety comes first. The bungee jump is open 365 days a year and it is only possible to jump in very strong winds.
If you want to be sure that you can make a leap, you can book via the website: Face Adrenalin. You must report an hour before the jump. For example, if you are assigned to the group from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., you must be present by 9 a.m.
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