Many different Adventure truck journeys are published on our website. On this page you will find general information about this type of trip. For the exact information regarding baggage dimensions, included parts and prices, please refer to the page of the individual journey.
Adventure Truck
The concept of adventure truck actually covers the load very well: an adventurous truck. The exact characteristics of the trucks differ, but all vehicles are adapted and equipped to travel as comfortably as possible through the southern countries of Africa.
There may be days when you spend a lot of time in the truck because you have to travel a great distance, but traveling through Africa is and will always be wonderful. In addition, you are in comfortable seats and always have a fantastic view.
Nomad Adventure Truck
Sunway Adventure Truck

You travel in an international group and are accompanied by guides. Depending on the size of the group, 1 or 2 guides and sometimes a cook will travel with you. The maximum group size is stated on every adventure truck trip on our website.

The age of the adventurous participants is between 16 and 75 years. Young children can sometimes join on request, after consultation and permission from the other participants. The average age is stated on every adventure truck trip on our website.


Sometimes a minimum number of participants is stated (usually 4). Only when this number of travelers has registered for the trip, does that specific trip leave guaranteed.

If you book a trip for which the minimum number of participants has not yet been reached, then it is possible that the trip will ultimately not go ahead. Our travel consultants therefore always recommend booking a trip whose departure is guaranteed.


Every day a number of activities are included, for this you can read the detailed day description per trip on our website. In addition, optional activities are regularly offered. See the list of optional activities per trip for this.

We demand a certain flexibility from you, because traveling in Africa can be unpredictable. Weather and roadworks can prevent us from being delayed, but that also makes traveling so adventurous.
Accommodation or Camping
In our range of adventure truck trips on the website you will find trips where you camp, stay in accommodations and sometimes a combination is made. For each trip, it is stated in which type of accommodation you are staying.

The luggage of all travelers and the guides is transported in the adventure truck. Because the space for luggage is limited for each trip maximum dimensions and a permitted weight are set. Because you have to carry your luggage yourself, a large bag or backpack is the most ideal.

You also need a daypack for your water, camera and some personal items during your day trips and in the truck. Also think of extra batteries for cameras and wall plugs so that you can charge your batteries on the go whenever there is the possibility.

When camping, you may have to bring a sleeping bag, pillow and / or mat yourself. Look for this at the trip you booked on our website.


When you participate in one of our adventure truck journeys, you are required to have travel insurance with global coverage. Upon arrival you will be asked to provide the details of your insurance to the tour leader. In addition, it is wise to take out good and comprehensive health insurance with global coverage. You also pass this information on to the tour guide.

Travel, Health and Malaria
Inform us prior to your trip if you have diabetes or asthma and also if you use medication. It is also advisable to report any allergies to us. See if you need visas for the countries you visit and provide a passport that is still valid for 6 months on the date of departure from Africa (at least 2 blank pages next to each other for each country you visit and for which a visa is required) . You give copies of passports to the guide.

Check whether malaria is present in the countries you visit and consult your own doctor or GGD for vaccinations. You can find more information on our website on the pages about health and malaria.

The climate in Africa is warm, the sun is very strong! Our advice is: use a minimum of a factor of 30 sun cream and care for a hat or cap. Drink plenty of water. The winters can be cool to cold, especially in Africa at night it can cool down considerably, so get something warm. Traveling in the rainy season means providing rain gear and clothing that dries quickly.