Sesriem Campsite

Description of accommodation:
There are 24 campsites at Sesriem, each in the shade of camelthorn trees. Each site has its own fireplace and tap. There are public telephones, a petrol station, the shop attached to the reception area sells beer, soft drinks and basic groceries (although it is worth bringing your own food as the stock of food in the shop is eclectic and even basics are by no means guaranteed). There is also a swimming pool and a small thatched bar serving cold beers and cool drinks. The communal ablution block has showers, toilets and wash basins. As electricity is not always guaranteed here, it is advisable that visitors take a torch/night light when going for an evening shower.
Description of Surroundings:
The main reason for camping at Sesriem is in order to get an early start on your way to visit Sossusvlei. Sossusvlei means ‘the gathering place of water’ in the local Nama language. Seasonal rains from the Naukluft and Tsaris Mountains that succeeded in reaching the vlei, create temporary lakes that reflected the sand dunes surrounding them. The high, red sand dunes which surround Sossusvlei form part of the sand sea, which stretches from just north of Luderitz to the Kuiseb River. Some of these dunes reach as high as 220m. Vegetation, such as the camelthorn tree, (many a breakfast or lunch is taken under these trees here) is watered by infrequent floods of the Tsauchab River, which slowly soak into the underlying clay. Sossusvlei is one of 4 clay pans in the area, the others being The Dead Vlei, Hidden Vlei and Nara Vlei.

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