Dunes Boutique Guesthouse

Description of accommodation:

Characterised by interior sensibility and casual elegance, Paternoster Dunes Boutique Guest House is ideal for guests seeking off-the-beaten-track comfort and style. In-house amenities include a carefully appointed intimacy lounge and cocktail bar, a small but eclectic library and solar heated pools. Our very own spa aims to relax and rejuvenate. While few establishments can boast vast, unbroken sea views, our guesthouse is nestled on the dunes with the Atlantic Ocean quite literally on our doorstep. Hosts Deon and Gavin will delight you with insider knowledge of the town, its history, best dining experiences and things to see and do. For a romantic refuge or place to unwind, our guesthouse guarantees a stylish and affordable boutique experience.

Paternoster is considered by many to be the most magical destination on the West Coast of Southern Africa. Where else in the region would you find such an irresistible combination of pristine beach, whitewashed village charm, and little to disturb the gentle, soothing atmosphere a mere hour away from Cape Town? Famously friendly, Paternoster has much of the rustic, idyllic character one would expect from a tiny Mediterranean Island. In fact, it’s one of the last traditional fishing villages on the West Coast.


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