Arthur Stevens
General Manager

My name is Arthur Stevens, I am the youngest son of Jolanda & Cor Stevens, the founders of the Zuid-Afrika Specialist. After my parents left for South Africa years ago, I naturally went on holiday here regularly. After studying commercial economics, tourism was not immediately the first thing I thought of. However, because I grew up in a family where tourism has been a topic of conversation from an early age, it has probably become a sort of second nature for me to be involved with tourism. So when the opportunity arose to work for the Zuid-Afrika Specialist in South Africa, it was a logical choice.

I started at the bottom of the company and have since worked my way up to become general manager. I enjoy my work very much and I also like to discover South Africa and the surrounding countries. I also got to know my wife in South Africa and since March 2018 I am the father of a daughter!

Everything on wheels including camper rental, 4×4 car rental, motorcycle rental, person car rental etc has my special interest. In my spare time I love kite surfing. If for any reason you wish to contact me personally, please email me:
I wish you a fantastic time in my 2nd home country.