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Who are we?

The founders of South-Africa Specialist are Cor and Jolanda Stevens.  Cor and Jolanda have been working in the world of travel agencies for many years. The foundation of South Africa Specialist has emerged. It is an Internet organization with a very wide range of trips to South-Africa at the best value for money. There is something for everyone.

The daily management of the company rests on the shoulders of their son Arthur Stevens who has experienced the travel industry since childhood and after his studies which are incorporated in the company has set up a specialized website called:  He is assisted by a number of highly qualified travel consultants.

The sales team works from South Africa to serve you as best as possible. This offers many advantages:

The company is based in South Africa with South African and European staff who know the country very well. They can assist you with personal service even during your trip. You will benefit from the lowest possible prices because of the negotiated rates on your behalf. The costs in South Africa are lower than in Britain which makes it possible for us to work with the lowest margins. South Africa specialist only works together with registered, reliable and selected suppliers and accommodations. Prices are based on the actual exchange rate. You will have quick reactions on your enquiries because we work directly with the local suppliers and accommodations without any middle man.

We would like to introduce some of our employees to you: our travel consultants! They are all highly motivated and love their country. They will do everything for you to make the trip according to your wishes. Our website provides lots of information about travel but also on general issues that are important for your holiday. Take a look under general information in the main menu.

You can use the selections to find the trip that meets your needs. If you would prefer a trip completely customized please e-mail us with your requirements.

See you in South Africa!

Stevens family

Jolanda & Cor                                             Arthur



Arthur Stevens

My name is Arthur Stevens; I am the son of Cor & Jolanda Stevens, founder of South Africa Specialist. After my parents left years ago to South Africa, I came here regularly on vacation. The holidays became longer and ieventually I settled here in Franschhoek. With my degree in commercial economics, tourism was not immediately the first work field I thought of. I have grown up in a family that always worked in tourism and from an early age it did become a kind of 2nd nature to me. When the opportunity presented itself to work at South Africa Specialist it was an easy and logical choice.

I enjoy my job and like to discover adventurous South Africa and neighbouring countries. Everything on wheels including campervan hire, 4x4 hire or 4x4 camper (with roof tents or even built in sleeping places), motorcycle rental, car rental etc. are my specialties. Meanwhile, I have also taken over the daily affairs of my parents.

Anthea Jefthas

My name is Anthea Jefthas and I started working for SAS (South Africa Specialist) on the 1st of April 2016 and I love it. I love the environment that I'm working in. Before I started working for SAS I worked on a wine farm as a sales assistant and before that I travelled to Europe for 2 years and worked there as an Au pair. My 1st year I went to Holland in 2011-2012 and my second year I went to Belguim 2013-2014. While I was there I travelled to all the small cities in both countries and also went to Paris on holiday. This is where I fell in love with Europe and will most definitely go back one day on holiday. In my free time I spend time with my family and friends.

Ester Koenders

It all started with a holiday to South Africa in 2004, where I fell in love with the country. After a second vacation I was sure! Here I want to live. From 2006, I live in South Africa and have worked here since 2009 for Zuid-Afrika Specialist (South Africa Specialist). My experience by traveling in South Africa comes in handy here. I know both South Africa and the South Africa Specialist and now speak fluent in English and Afrikaans alongside Dutch. In my spare time I try to enjoy with my South African friend as much of the country and the beautiful surroundings as possible.

Hanneke Hermans

I'm Hanneke and I studied at the Teacher Training College in the Netherlands. My first encounter with South Africa was in 2007. With an exchange program at a high school in Cape Town, I fell in love with this beautiful country. Now - many trips later - I can call my second home South Africa and I live with my boyfriend in Cape Town. I have been working at South Africa Specialist for a couple of years and my knowledge about South Africa is extensive. It is every time a challenge to find a suitable or to create a custom trip for our clients.

Kerren September

I am Kerren September, originally from Paarl. I moved to Franschhoek a few years ago and started working in the hospitality industry but decided to move on to bigger and better things. I started working at SAS (South Africa Specialist) and I haven't looked back since. I love working with people and building up new relationships and experiences. In my private time I spend time with my husband and children.

Meridith Jefthas

Meridith is South African and knows all about RV and 4 x 4 vehicles. She works on full RV trips for our clients. Besides travel consultant she is a proud mother of a son of 2 years old. Meridith corresponds only in English and Afrikaans, but understands Dutch well.

Meridith: "I have a broad knowledge of tourism. Previously I was an Information consultant at the local tourism office in Franschhoek. I like to interact with people. And I like to meet people and explore places. In my free time I spend time with my son and family."

Meridith is a sincere employee who loves her culture, country, history and everything ethical and diverse.

Yara Peters

My name is Yara and I recently started working for South Africa Specialist. In 2013 I did an internship at a school in Nieuwoudtville, a small village in the province of Northern Cape; about 4 hours' drive from Cape Town. I have not just fallen in love with the country but also my current boyfriend. At the moment I live in Cape Town and I enjoy every day of this beautiful country! I am happy to assist you with composing your trip to the beautiful southern Africa!

Simoné Hoffman

Simone is our essential accounting assistant. She is also the mother of a beautiful daughter and there is another one on the way! Simone is South African and speaks English and Afrikaans but now understands and reads Dutch very well.

Evarencia Johnson

My name is Evarencia Johnson and I am a mother of a beautiful son. I am a very bubbly person, love meeting new people and spending a lot of time with my son. I studied office administration at Boland College for about three years, but I love travelling and thus decided to go into that field.  I am currently in the support department at ZAS (Zuid-Afrika Specialist) where I work closely with rates and accommodations to ensure we offer the best for our clients which is something I enjoy and I see myself grow in every day.

Sandra Berger

After an internship in Cape Town in 2006, I also got infected with the African virus and after a few years, to earn money in the Netherlands, I again went to Africa, but this time for a tour of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. During the trip I fell in love with a South African and to a long-distance relationship I have had my job denounced as a physiotherapist and live now in Pretoria for a few years. I work behind the scenes with the website writing travel and informational texts. I am fluent in English and Afrikaans and a lover of fries. Once we have the chance, my friend and I go to the African bush for spotting wildlife and enjoying nature. I like to process my own experience in the information on the website. There are many places in southern Africa I would still like to explore by car, motorcycle, and bicycle or on foot.

Your travel advantages

* No booking or administration fees.
* Lowest possible prices because we work in South Africa, where costs are lower.
* Exclusive use of the Internet, no expensive travel guides: thus lower cost, environmentally friendly and lower travel prices for you!
* Booking directly without going through travel agents.
* By working directly with suppliers in South Africa and we can also contribute to improving the living standards of many South Africans.
* Cost-free options/provisional bookings.
* Excursions bookable in advance so you avoid disappointment.
* You will receive your voucher by email within 2 weeks prior to departure. You will have plenty of time to see everything at your leisure and if necessary to print it out.
* No credit card payments, so no unnecessary risk.
* Largest offer of accommodation in South Africa at the best prices for the British market.
* Knowledge of business here and regular monitoring of accommodations.
* Knowledgeable staff by e-mail in English.

Your South Africa holiday begins at the South Africa Specialist.

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